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Activity 18.4

Activity 18.4

Assessing progress

The students will assess their progress across the outcomes to be achieved.

Discuss the Unit 18 learning outcomes with the students. Use the Unit 10 Assessment criteria and discuss how the students will complete the assessment.

Choose a task from the following options.

Students create their own story

The students tell a story about the preparations they are making for a party. Give them time to prepare their stories.

Preparing for this task may take several lessons. Remind the students about the feedback they received on their previous attempts at storytelling and how they need to take this into account when preparing and telling their stories.

Students adapt a role-play

The students adapt the role-play script from Scene T – Who's cooking? to suit their own requirements.

Play scene T and ask the students to pick out the kinds of language that show politeness and interest. Tell them to make sure that they use this kind of language when they are interacting with others in NZSL.

Preparing and presenting a role-play

When the students are ready, make sure they have any props they need. For example, they might use a desk to represent a barbecue or they could use drawings to give added meaning to what they are trying to communicate using NZSL.

Present, watch, feedback, feed forward
Record their performances for assessment purposes and compare them with their earlier efforts at storytelling or role-playing to see how they have improved and what specific areas they need to focus on in order to make further improvements.

This process takes account of individual differences in learners and gives them the specific feedback they need to improve their personal knowledge, skills, and performance.

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