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Activity 18.2

Activity 18.2

Preparing for a party

The students will make plans and preparations for a party.

Play Clip 18.2: Do you want to go to a party?. Print copies of the sentence patterns from the Unit 18 overview or project these so that the students have support as they view the clip several times.

Practise signing sentences
Ask the students to practise signing the sentences following the models on the clip. Pause the clip to give the students enough time to develop their signing of each of the sentence patterns modelled. Challenge them to practise their signing until they can successfully sign the sentences along with the video presenters confidently and accurately without pausing.

Viewing a scene
Play Scene N – We're having a party!. Check the students’ understanding using your copy of the Scene N transcript to facilitate the discussion.

Play the clip several times, enough for them to become familiar with the content. Ask them whether they can pick out any of the sentence patterns that they have just been learning.

Give the students copies of the scene N transcript. Have them role-play the scene using the transcript for support. Replay the clip many times so that they can develop their signing fluency and accuracy using the model.

Working in pairs
Arrange for the students to work in pairs. Hand out a copy of Worksheet 18.2a (What do I need to bring?) to one student and a copy of Worksheet 18.2b (writing details) to their partner. Using their worksheets, the students complete the information gap task as directed on the worksheets.

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