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Video scenes and clips

Units 1–9 and Units 11–19 each have video support. Unit 10 and Unit 20 don’t have a video component because they are revision units.

The video support includes footage that tells a story about a group of young people using NZSL in familiar, everyday situations in 23 separate scenes. For identification purposes, these are labelled scenes A–W. Transcripts in NZSL with English translations are included for each scene.

The units also contain video footage of language "modeling", by a studio team, and cultural footage. These are identified as clips. They provide instruction for teaching and learning the vocabulary, grammar, and sentence patterns of NZSL aligned with each unit’s language focus. Some clips provide a glimpse of Deaf culture and people in the Deaf community.

Links are made to video scenes and clips within the activities in each unit, in order to spotlight the language being studied relevant to the learning outcomes for the students.

There are five clips that illustrate points of grammar. They each have voice-over explanation.

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