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Activity 6.3

Activity 6.3

Communicating needs and wants

The students will communicate their needs and wants.

Play scene H several times and use a copy of the scene H transcript to check your students’ understanding.

Repeated viewing of the clips and scenes will help your students to monitor they own ways of responding to what they see. This will increase their experience of “reading” for meaning and their confidence.

Tell your students to refer to worksheet 6.1 and worksheet 6.2. In pairs, they practise their signing, reviewing the vocabulary they will need to use. Play clip 6.1a and clip 6.1b to assist them with their practice.

Hand out worksheet 6.3. Play clip 6.2a and clip 6.2b a number of times and have them model their signing on what they see.

Ask the students to work in pairs or groups to make up a role-play using the language patterns on the worksheet. Tell them that they can include any language they know from earlier units but that the focus needs to be on communicating feelings, needs, and wants.

Give them time to practise so that they can develop a good level of fluency. Play clip 6.2a and 6.2b several more times to ensure that they have a model to follow as they develop their language skills.

Have the students present their role-plays to other groups or to the whole class.

Ask the students viewing the performances to respond to the presenters to show their interest and appreciation. They could applaud (by waving their hands in the air) or sign “thumbs up”.

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