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Activity 5.3

Activity 5.3

Communicating likes and dislikes

The students will express their likes and dislikes in relation to particular sports.

Play Cip 5.2c. In this clip, presenters express their likes and dislikes concerning some sports.

Repeat the viewing with the students practising the signing. Replay this clip many times to ensure that your students are developing their accuracy along with their fluency.

Give each student a copy of Worksheet 5.2: Communicating likes and dislikes.

As they work in pairs, they use the dialogue on the worksheet as a guide to their conversations. Tell them to substitute the names of sports to make the conversation personal to themselves. Give them enough time to practise so that they develop accuracy as well as fluency as they communicate with each other.

This kind of task, where the students substitute particular words for other words, helps them to recognise that NZSL is organised in particular ways, which is foundation learning for beginning students.

The students now work in groups. Each pair from the previous task joins with another pair. The students then take turns to present their dialogues and gain feedback from the students who are watching.

Give each pair one copy of Worksheet 5.3 This is a guided reading task.

Using the dialogues they have just been practising, the students take turns to perform them in pairs before the rest of the class. The students who are watching also work in pairs and write the presenters’ names in the columns that match what they say. They check their entries with the pair who presented the dialogue. Tell the students to use different-coloured pens to record their entries for the different groups on the same worksheet.

From the information they have recorded on their survey sheets, the students can discover, among other things, which sport is the class favourite.

Pay Scene G – Tine-out and Scene H – Winner takes all. Challenge your students to pick out words and expressions they know to try and make sense of what they view.

Students need many opportunities to see the language they are learning being used in context in order to build good habits of viewing, to make meaning from what they see, and to sign in a way that others can understand.

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