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Activity 4.4

Activity 4.4

Communicating the date

The students will communicate with each other using dates.

Give each pair of students a copy of Worksheet 4.3: Birthday Survey.

Play Clip 4.2: Dates and months and hand out copies of the Unit 4 sentence patterns. Using these resources, each pair is to complete a survey of class birthdays.

The students go around the room finding out when their classmates have their birthdays and marking the dates on the calendar on the worksheet. Ask them to use these sentence patterns:

My birthday is on the 23rd of May.


When is your birthday?


Clip 0.5: The concepts will remind you of how to use space to express concepts of time in NZSL.

Cultural behaviours
Discuss the cultural behaviours they can use when communicating with each other in NZSL. Show the Unit 10 assessment criteria, this time highlighting the achievement objective that states "show social awareness when interacting with others"

As they engage with this task, challenge the students to respond appropriately in NZSL. In English, we may say "hmm" or "oh" to indicate that we are listening. In Deaf culture, people use non-manual signals. For example, they may nod, look surprised, or look interested as they communicate in NZSL. Encourage the students to use these behaviours when they interact with each other instead of simply responding at the end of a question.

Play Scene D – Making plans and Scene E – Join our team so that the students can observe some of these behaviours being used in a natural way. Focus on particular sections within a scene that interest you and your students. Give your students some time to observe and practise at least one of these behaviours so that they can use them as they interact with others. Tell them that you will be walking around the room observing as they interact with each other.

When they have completed the task, the students not only compare the results across calendars but also talk about the cultural behaviours they used when communicating with each other in NZSL. Talk to them about what you noticed as they engaged with the task.

If needed, replay scene D and scene E and discuss these further with the students, with a focus on the kinds of behaviours that show social awareness when communicating with others. The Scene D transcript and Scene E transcript will help you to follow the storyline.

Varying the task
Increase the level of difficulty by varying the task. Have the students work in small groups and extend the number of questions they ask and respond to. This will enable them to continue their exploration and use of behaviours that show social awareness as they communicate in NZSL.

For example, they could add questions about other members of their families.

When is your father’s birthday?


When is your mother’s birthday?


Tell them to use Worksheet 4.3 and plot the responses using a different colour for each student’s replies. Afterwards, facilitate a discussion about the kinds of behaviours they used during their interaction in NZSL that showed social awareness.

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