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Activity 4.2

Activity 4.2

The numbers up to 31

The students will learn how to sign and use the numbers 21 to 31.

As a warm-up, select some number activities from earlier units and revise the numbers from one to 20 with your students. Find out from your students how many of them have practised signing the numbers 21 to 31 in their own time.

Ask them to guess how the number sequence continues beyond 20. Play Clip 4.1b: Numbers 21 to 31 for them to check whether they guessed correctly.

Replay Clip 4.1b and ask the students to sign the numbers from 21 to 31 along with the presenters. Repeat the viewing several times so that the students model their handshapes on those the presenters use as they build their fluency in signing.

Remind the students that there is more than one way to sign the number nine (see Worksheet 1.2: Signing numbers). Both are correct.

Group task
Put the students into groups, each with the same number of students.

The leader of each group signs number one, the next student signs number two, and so on round the group up to 31.

Next, repeat the task in a timed sequence and see which group can finish first. Remind them of the importance of taking care with their handshapes so that they communicate well even when signing as fast as they can. Repeat the activity, varying the number combinations, for example, backwards, in multiples of two, or odd numbers only.

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