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Activity 3.2

Activity 3.2

Signing the days of the week

The students will learn the days of the week in NZSL.

Find out whether any of the students know how to sign any of the names of the days of the week. Play Clip 3.1c: Days of the Week and have students practise making the handshapes. Play the clip again as many times as the students need in order to progress their reading and signing fluency.

Make a set of large flashcards with the name of the day on one side and the signing illustration on the other. Use Worksheet 3.2: Days of the Week as the template for the cards and Checksheet 3.2: Days of the Week to ensure the correct matching of the sign and its illustration. Hold up a flashcard and ask the students to sign the name of the day. You can check their accuracy against the illustration on the back.

Matching task
Hand out Worksheet 3.2. The students do the matching task.

Play Cip 3.1c again and ask them to carefully observe how the signs are made and to confirm the matches they have made on their worksheets.

The students swap worksheets with a partner and check each other’s work. Replay clip 3.1c and have the students check the matching very carefully. They verify the matching using checksheet 3.2.

Get the students to cut out the pictures of the signs for the days of the week and glue them into their workbooks. Students should label these in English. Make visible Checksheet 3.2 (either on screen or as an enlarged photocopy). Students can refer to this as they complete the task.

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Name Class Section
Document Worksheet 3.2: Days of the Week Worksheet 1
Document Checksheet 3.2: Days of the Week Worksheet 1

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