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Activity 20.4

Activity 20.4

Assessing progress

The students will assess their progress across the outcomes to be achieved.

Hand out copies of Worksheet 10.3 (Assessment record). Explain that they will use the criteria on the worksheet to review their own progress and the progress of the other students in their group.

Completing a group assessment
Make several copies of the recording. Arrange for each group to work independently around a computer or video recording player to complete their group’s assessments. A suggested process for this would be for them to discuss the performance of each student in their group, taking one bullet point at a time as they review the recording. The student whose performance is under discussion would then tick the box on their worksheet that the group members had all agreed on.

Reflecting on the completed assessment
When they have completed this task, give the students time to reflect on their completed assessment and write down three aspects of their NZSL knowledge and skills that they need to improve.

Whole-class viewing
Then play the recording to the class. In this way, the students can engage even more critically with their own and their peers’ presentations. Lead a discussion on the aspects of the assessment and the performances that will give the students another opportunity to reflect critically on their learning.

Make sure they have the website link for Thumbs Up! An Introduction to New Zealand Sign Language and encourage them to keep their NZSL skills active by visiting the website often. Consider playing the clips and scenes every so often during class time to keep your students motivated and confident in their NZSL knowledge.

Update progress chart
When they have achieved all the learning outcomes, the students colour in band 20 on their Thumbs up! Progress chart. Give them their copy to keep as a record of their learning.

Certificate of achievement
Using Worksheet 20.3  (Certificate of achievement) as a template, make copies of the achievement certificate on coloured card and cut them to size.

Enter the details for each student and ask your principal to sign each certificate. Arrange for the students’ achievement to be recognised by presenting their certificates at an official function, for example, a school assembly.

Consider further ways to promote the teaching and learning of NZSL in your school.

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