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Activity 20.3

Activity 20.3

Giving a presentation

The students will give their presentations.

Video recording
Arrange to record their presentations. This will provide you and your students with a record of their achievement at this point.

Setting up the presentation space
Set up a space ready for the presentations and arrange all the necessary props. If you have invited an audience, select some students to welcome them in NZSL as they arrive.

Opening the proceedings
Select some students to open the proceedings in NZSL.

As already stated in Unit 10, this could be an opportunity to have one or two students act as interpreters because the audience will most likely consist of hearing people who have little knowledge of NZSL. This is also an opportunity to invite Deaf people from your community to view the presentations.

Supporting students
Give your students the support they need. Some may need a script to help them. Others may have developed a level of fluency and confidence that will allow them to perform their role-play without a script.

Make sure that the students feel well enough prepared to enjoy giving their presentations and feel proud of the skills they have acquired.

Closing the presentations
Round off the presentations by having the students you have selected thank both the audience and the other students in NZSL and say goodbye.

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