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Activity 2.1

Activity 2.1

The vocabulary for introducing family members

The students will learn the words for introducing family members. This activity also develops the students’ reading skills in NZSL.

Play Clip 2.1b: See you again later. Ask the students whether they can pick out any signs they learned in Unit 1.

Introducing family members
Play Clip 2.1a: Introducing family members. This time, have the students notice how the signers indicate the pronouns HE and SHE and their associated adjectives HER and HIS, which indicate possession. They use their index finger to point directly to a person within sight.

If the person they are talking about is absent, they point to an area of space around the signer to indicate a person, for example, their brother. From then on, that space is associated with that person.

Play clips 2.1a and 2.1b again. Have the students practise their signing along with the presenters. Repeat this task until the students achieve a good level of fluency.

Family vocabulary
Hand out Worksheet 2.1 and Worksheet 2.2. Tell students to focus on the vocabulary on the worksheets as they rewatch Clips 2.1a and 2.1b. They now work in pairs and practise signing the vocabulary, and giving each other feedback on how well they can “read” and understand what their partner is signing.

You will see that a sign for YES is included in the worksheets. However, a head nod is used for YES.

Practicing family vocabulary 
Get the students to stand in lines, one behind the other, facing the back of the classroom. The leader of each line is shown a word. They tap the shoulder of the next student, who turns around to face the leader. The leader signs the word using a facial expression where appropriate. The receiver repeats this step, and so on down the line. The last student in each line repeats the sign to see whether it matches what the leader expressed.

Final task
Play scene A, which you used in Unit 1. Using your copy of the Scene A transcript, check your students’ levels of understanding. Find out whether they are following the NZSL conversations more easily after repeat viewings. Check that they know how to access the resource online. Remind them that they can play these scenes in their own time to continue to build their reading and signing skills in NZSL.

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Document Worksheet 2.1: Family vocabulary Worksheet 1
Document Worksheet 2.2: Additioinal vocabulary Worksheet 1

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