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Activity 19.4

Activity 19.4

Assessing progress

The students will assess their progress across the outcomes to be achieved.

Make sure the students have copies of the learning outcomes for the unit. Discuss the Unit 10 assessment criteria with them and ask them to look up their notes about what they individually need to improve.

In our teaching, we need to acknowledge and respond appropriately to diverse learners and learning contexts so that all our learners can continue to progress.

Process for assessment
Establish with your students what process they will use for their assessment and whether you will record their performances for later viewing.

Tell the students to choose one of the role-play scenarios on Worksheet 19.3 (Role-play scenarios) to present to the class.

Discuss with them how well they feel they are progressing. Find out what they feel they need to practise. Repeat some of the earlier tasks if necessary.

As a warm-up for the role-plays they will be presenting for their assessment, play Scene W. Play it enough times for them to be able to model their delivery on what the characters do.

Preparation and practise
Have them prepare and then practise their role-plays.

Record and review
Record the role-plays and view and discuss these with the students afterwards, inviting their feedback on individual performances.

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