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Activity 19.3

Activity 19.3

Communicating about plans and events

The students will communicate about plans and events.

Class task
Use this round robin task as a warm-up for the task that follows.

The first student signs:

When is your birthday?


The next student responds, signing:

My birthday is the 12th of July.


The second student then turns to the third student and asks the same question ("When is your birthday?").

Continue this sequence around the class, challenging the students to be ready for their turn and to be be quick in giving their response.

Sentence patterns
Play Clip 19.2a (Have you been to Australia?). 

Ask the students to observe the sentence patterns modelled in the clip. Make copies of the Unit 19 sentence patterns and hand these out to the students for their reference. Replay this clip several times. In this way, your students can practise the sentence patterns by following the models on the video.

Pair task
Hand out copies of Worksheet 19.2 (Holidays and events). 

Get the students to choose a holiday or event from among those illustrated on the worksheet and make up a dialogue in which they talk about their plans concerning it. Tell them to use as many Unit 19 sentence patterns as they can. They can also use vocabulary and sentence patterns from earlier units.

Then have them join with another pair to present their dialogues to each other.

After they have done this, get them to ask the other pair what they understood. In this way, they can discuss their presentation and get feedback on how well the others understood it.

Time to say goodbye
Play Scene W – What next?. It is time to say goodbye. Play the scene several times and use the Scene W transcript to guide your students’ understanding.

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