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Activity 19.2

Activity 19.2

Have you understood?

The students will learn to understand others when they talk about their plans for the future.

Set up the task
Make enough copies of the Scene V transcript for one copy per pair of students.

Cut the dialogue into strips and put the strips of paper in an envelope. Hand out one envelope to each pair. Get the students to place the strips of paper face up in front of them.

Focus on dialogue sequence
Play Scene V – See you later. Ask the students to watch the scene and focus on remembering the sequence of the dialogue. When they have finished, get them to assemble the strips of paper into the sequence that matches the dialogue in the scene. Each pair then checks with another pair to see whether their sequences match.

Replay the scene so that they can focus once more on the sequence of the dialogue. Give them time to review their sequencing. Then ask whether they have made any changes to their sequence as a result of seeing the dialogue again.

Hand out or project a copy of the scene V transcript so that they can check the accuracy of their sequencing.

Check for understanding
Play scene V again. Ask them whether they now understand more of what is being communicated. Replay the scene several times and keep checking their understanding.

Get the students collect the strips of paper and put them back in the envelopes. Save these to use again.

Have the students practise scene V as a role-play using the transcript for support. Challenge them to practise the role-play enough to be able to perform the scene without looking at the script.

You may have to show the scene several more times to help them perfect their signing and the social skills they need in order to communicate effectively when they present their performances.

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