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Activity 18.3

Activity 18.3

Fun at the party

The students will show social awareness when interacting with others.

Practising sentence patterns
Play Cip 18.2b: Can you please help me? and have the students practise the sentence patterns that demonstrate social awareness when conversing with others. Print copies of the sentence patterns from the Unit 18 overview or project these so that the students have support as they view the clip several times.

Role-play: Preparation
Play Scene T – Who's cooking?. Have the students practise role-playing the scene using their copies of the Scene T transcript to guide them. Replay the scene a number of times so that they have models to follow as they develop their signing and communication skills in NZSL.

Explain to them that that they need to keep developing their signing capability and fluency. At the same time, they need to focus on their ability to use polite language, giving appropriate responses to others in the situation they are role-playing. In this way, they will further develop their social awareness skills when interacting with others.

Role-play: Performance
Arrange for them to perform their role-plays either to another group or to the whole class.

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