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Activity 18.1

Activity 18.1

Introducing vocabulary

The students will learn the vocabulary for making plans and preparations for a party.

Play clip 18.1, which introduces the vocabulary for this unit. Ask your students to observe the signing carefully and then join in with the presenters. Replay the clip several times so that the students can practise using this as a model.

Blank out the English words on worksheet 18.1 and write them on the board. Hand out copies of the altered worksheet to the students and tell them to write the English word that matches each sign under that sign. Project the original worksheet for them to verify their responses. Play clip 18.1 again for the students to note the signs and compare them with the drawings of the signs on their worksheet.

Hand out copies of worksheet 18.1 to pairs of students. Have them take turns to ask and respond to the following question, using the list of items on the worksheet.

What do you need?


I need a pillow.


Ask the students to include other vocabulary in their responses, for example, the names of clothes. Play clip 15.1b to revise this vocabulary with the students.

Extend the task by asking the students to make a comment about the weather when they are working out whether to include a particular item of clothing. Play clip 14.1a or clip 14.2a to help them recall the vocabulary and sentence patterns they need for this task.

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