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Activity 17.4

Activity 17.4

Assessing progress

The students will assess their progress across the outcomes to be achieved.

Discuss the learning outcomes for the unit with your students and make sure they have copies of the Unit 10 Assessment criteria. Discuss how they will carry out the assessment. For example, they could record the role-plays on DVD and then assess:

  • their own performance
  • each other’s performances.

You could use the recordings to assess individual progress.

Get your students to make up role-plays and perform them before the class. Provide two role-play options.

Role-play 1

A student has just arrived at your school and has made friends with someone in another class. You arrange to meet at lunchtime at a particular place. The new student needs directions for how to get there.

Role-play 2

Your students have been chosen to show some visitors around the school. Make up a series of directions to guide the people around.

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