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Activity 17.3

Activity 17.3

Where am I?

The students will follow instructions and directions to locate places on a map.

Introducing the task
Play Scene Q – Where are the girls?. In this scene, girls are communicating on a street outside a shop. Ask the students how much they understand. Replay the scene and check whether the students understand more with each viewing.

Hand out copies of the Scene Q transcript and have the students role-play the scene. Replay the scene so that the students can focus on the communicative expression now that they have grasped the meaning. Challenge the students to perform their role-plays without the prompt of a script.

First, second, third ...
Introduce the ordinal numbers from FIRST to FIFTH. Play Clip 17.2b (First, second, third ... ) sentence patterns and have the students practise their signing. Encourage them to use these numbers as they give and respond to directions in the next task.

Pair task: A map of the school
Laminate enough copies of Worksheet 17.3 (A map of a school) for the students to have one per pair. Have them take turns to give instructions while the other person uses a non-permanent pen to draw the route on the map. This can then be wiped off before the next turn.

To make the task more interactive, show (by projecting them onto the board) sentences like the following for the students to use when they see their partner going in the wrong direction.

No, that’s the wrong way.

"wave no" WRONGneg

No, don't turn right. Turn left.


Stop. Go back.

"wave no" GO-BACK

Repeat the task but have one student follow the directions on their copy of the map this time and then tell the person giving the directions which building they arrive at.

Group task: A map of the school
Repeat the task outlined above but first have the students work in pairs to develop a set of instructions for locating a particular place. Each pair takes turns to give the instructions to the other pair, who respond by drawing the route on the map.

Pair task: Give directions
Have the students take turns to give directions. Reproduce copies of your own school’s map or use copies of worksheet 17.3. Have one student give directions for how to get to a place on the map but not tell their partner what the place is. The partner follows the directions and gives their location in response to this question:

Where are you?

IX-you WHERE IX-youwhq

If the response is not correct, the students review the directions together until they agree on the finishing point.

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