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Activity 17.1

Activity 17.1

Naming places

The students will recall classroom instructions and will learn the vocabulary for places around a school.

Use as many classroom instructions as you can and remind your students to use them as well. If needed, show Clip 0.2: Often-used classroom instructions. Select some of the instructions and practise these with the students.

Poster of classroom instructions
If you have not already done so, make a poster of the classroom instructions you want them to use and put it on the classroom wall. The poster will remind your students of the language you want them to integrate naturally into their NZSL learning.

Names for places and objects
Play Clip 17.1a: Naming places and objects, which features presenters sign some vocabulary relating to places around a school. Have the students practise their signing along with the presenters.

Hand out Worksheet 17.1 (Vocabulary for places) to the students for their reference.

Distribute copies of a map of your school, one per pair of students. While one student points to a place on the map, the other signs its name. Or one student could sign the name and the other could point to the place on the map.

This task will help your students to create meaning by making a direct sign–object link.

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