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Activity 16.4

Activity 16.4

Assessing progress


Your students will perform role-plays to demonstrate their ability to communicate about costs and quantity when they are describing and buying things.

Choose whether the students are to perform their dialogues to other groups or to the whole class. Have them use the Unit 10 Assessment criteria and agree on the process to be used.

Setting up
Provide a fairly authentic context by setting up a "shop" with props. The props could include real items or pictures of the items for sale.

Discuss how your students feel they are progressing and what they still need to practise. Repeat some of the tasks used in previous activities if necessary. Play Scene P and Scene K several times so that the students continue to have opportunities to see NZSL being used in context.

Give the students time to prepare their role-plays and to practise them.

Tell your students that they are to work out the items being bought and their costs as they watch each role-play. At the end of each performance, have them check their comprehension with the presenters.

The students present their role-plays. Complete the assessment process you agreed on. Ensure that all the students receive some feedback on their progress and that they know what to focus on individually in order to progress their learning.

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