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Activity 16.3

Activity 16.3

Describing things and expressing quantity

The students will describe things and express quantity.

Play Clip 16.2a: I want to buy some jeans. Ask the students to work in pairs to practise the sentence patterns to develop their fluency.

Round robin
Have a round robin activity. The first student signs "I went to the shop". The whole class signs "What did you buy?". The student responds with something like "I bought a T-shirt". Continue this sequence, moving around the class.

 If a student repeats an item that has already been mentioned, they are out. Tell them that they can make an item different by adding a colour, quantity, or size.

I went to the shop.


What did you buy?

IX-you BUY WHATwhq

I bought a shirt.



Pair work
Hand out both copies of Worksheet 16.3 (Describing things and expressing quantity), Section A and Section B, to each pair, for an information gap task.

The students who have section A ask their partners for the information that is missing from their section. They write the information down in the gaps on their worksheet. 

After that, the students with section B repeat this process to obtain the information they need for their section. The students then compare their sections to check the accuracy of their entries.

Using the same information, the students make up dialogues that include describing the items, asking about costs, expressing their feelings, and making a purchase.

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