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Activity 15.4

Activity 15.4

Assessing progress

The students will assess their own and each other’s progress.

Use the assessment criteria for Unit 10 and decide on the process you and your students will use to complete the assessment.

The students now present role-plays. Depending on their level of confidence with the new vocabulary and sentence patterns, choose from the following options. These range from controlled use of language to “free production”, which is where they create the content based on the language they have been learning.

  • They role-play a scenario, choosing either scene O or scene P. Hand out copies of the scene O transcript or the scene P transcript for them to use as support while they are watching the video and practising.
  • They make up a role-play about what they are going to wear to a party.
  • They make plans for a video they are producing. As part of their planning, they describe three characters and the clothes they will be wearing in particular scenes.

Have them present their role-plays to the class. Record, view, and discuss these with the students for feedback on individual and class performances using the agreed criteria.

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