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Activity 14.2

Activity 14.2

Describing the weather

The students will ask for and give weather descriptions.

Revising learning
Play Clip 14.1a to help the students revise the weather vocabulary. Now play Clip 14.1b (Seasons). Check that they model the signs accurately and can identify the seasons quickly when others are signing them.

Extending skills
Now play Scene L – Life's a beach, which will extend their experience of "reading" NZSL, that is, using comprehension strategies to make meaning.

Ask them whether they can pick out the references to the weather. Use the Scene L transcript to help you check their responses.

Hand out copies of Worksheet 14.2, one per student. Have them take turns to use the question form identified below and point to one of the pictures on the worksheet. The student who responds signs the weather that is indicated.

What’s the weather like today?

TODAY WEATHER WHATwhq (optional) COLD HOTy/n q

Have them vary the sentence pattern by substituting YESTERDAY, TOMORROW, and NEXT WEEK for TODAY.

Pairs work: Sentence patterns
Hand out copies of the sentence patterns from the Unit 14 overview. Play Clip 14.2a (What will you do today?) so that the students can practise some of these patterns.

Have them work in pairs, taking turns to give a reason that includes a comment on the weather. Their partner responds, similarly commenting on the weather. Here is an example:

I hate July because it’s too cold.


Me too. July’s really cold.


Group work: Weather report
Divide the students into four groups.

Send each group to a corner of the classroom that you have labelled with the name of a season. Ask each group to prepare a short report on the weather in that season.

One student in each group then presents the information to the other groups, who draw the weather that is described, using the symbols on worksheet 14.2, without the other groups seeing what they draw. They check their responses with the signer.

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