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Activity 13.3

Activity 13.3

Are you coming to my party?

The students will make and respond to invitations.

Tell your students they will need to use vocabulary from previous units to complete the next task.

Review: How to sign numbers, days of the weeks, months of the year, and time
Play Clip 1.1b: Numbers 1 to 10, Clip 2.1c: Numbers 11 to 20, and Clip 4.1b: Numbers 21 to 31 to help them review the numbers they have learnt how to sign so far.

Play Clip 3.1c: Days of the week, Clip 4.1c: Months of the year, and Clip 4.1a: Times one o'clock to twelve o'clock to review the days of the week and the months of the year and how to sign the time.

Play Scene N – We're having a party!.

Watch a scene
Have the students watch the scene and talk afterwards about what they understood using contextual clues and their knowledge of NZSL. Either lead the discussion yourself using the Scene N transcript or hand out copies to your students so that they can discuss the scene with the support of the transcript. Play the scene again.

Check whether the students are able to extract more meaning from the dialogue this time. Play the scene several more times. Ask the students to look very carefully at how the characters express themselves in NZSL, culturally as well as through the language they use. Discuss their observations.

Photocopy Worksheet 13.3 (Are you coming to my party?) onto card and cut each copy into the four sections. Laminate these for long-term use if you can. Working in a group of four, each student has one section. Carry out this next task in two phases.

Group work: Inviting others to a party
For the first phase, the students take turns to invite the others to their party using the information on their section.

The other students test their understanding of the message by writing down the key information:

  • the person’s age
  • date, day, and time of the party.

Then they check their understanding against the information on the section.

The next phase builds on this understanding and extends the process so that the students interact with each other and exchange genuine information. When a student extends the invitation, the others take turns to accept or decline, giving appropriate reasons and responses.

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