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Activity 12.2

Activity 12.2


The students will learn about storytelling in Deaf culture and will tell their own stories.

Ask the students to speculate on why storytelling, including telling jokes, is such a strong tradition in the Deaf community. The information in the introduction will help you to lead the discussion.

Encourage your students to make comparisons and connections with the cultures they are familiar with. Stories passed down from generation to generation about Māui for example.

Practising new signs and telling a story
Play Clip 12.1b (short responses). Hand out Worksheet 12.2 (Storytelling) and have the students practise the new signs.

Now have your students try telling a story in NZSL. Organise them into groups of four or five. Give each group a set of animal cards from Unit 11. They place the cards face down on the table, and each student picks one up. Each student prepares a story relating to the animal illustrated on their card.

When the students are ready, they take turns to sign their story. Project the following sentence patterns so that they can use them to respond to the storytelling.

That's awesome!




That's a great story!


Cheer up!


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