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Activity 11.3

Activity 11.3

Completing a class survey

The students will complete a class survey to find out about each other’s animals and animal preferences.

Setting up groups
Divide the class into four groups labelled A, B, C, and D. Groups A and B work together and groups C and D work together, taking turns to interview each other. Hand each group a class list with three columns alongside each name where they can record responses.

Sentence patterns clips
Play Clip 11.2a and Clip 11.2b, where the presenters model the sentence patterns. Remind your students to use these patterns and the vocabulary that they know to respond to the questions.

The questions are:

1. Do you have a pet?


2. What's your favourite animal?


3. What animal don't you like?


Graph of survey responses
When each group has recorded the survey information, get your students to pool the information and make a graph of the responses to show:

  • the animals class members have as pets
  • the total number of animals
  • the total number of each kind of animal
  • the most favoured pet
  • the least favoured pet.

For example, working individually or in pairs, they could complete this task by using a computer programme that does tables and graphs. Display the results in your classroom.

Then they work out how to present the information in NZSL and practise presenting it to each other. Select some students or ask for volunteers to present this information to the class.

Play Scene R. Hand out copies of the Scene R transcript, one per student. They use the transcript to practise along with the people in the scene. Once they are well rehearsed, they role-play the scene in front of each other in groups or before the class.

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