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Activity 11.1

Activity 11.1

Learning vocabulary and aspects of Deaf culture

The students will learn the names of animals in NZSL and investigate hearing dogs.

Learning vocabulary 
Play Clip 11.1a, which introduces the animal vocabulary the students are going to learn. Repeat the clip until the students can sign the names of the animals along with the presenter. Tell them to note that signing GUINEA PIG involves fingerspelling G and then adding the sign PIG.

Blank out the English words on a copy of Worksheet 11.1. Give photocopies of the altered worksheet to your students. They write in the English words that match the signs. Play Clip 11.1a again for them to confirm their responses. Project the original worksheet so that they can check their accuracy.

Make flashcards using the illustrations of animals in one of the sets on Worksheet 11.2. Show each flashcard in turn. The students respond by signing the name of the animal illustrated. The speed of their response will give you a measure of how well they are making the sign–illustration link.

Play Clip 11.1a again. Ask the students to focus on their signing accuracy and fluency. For example, can they keep time with the presenter? Are they making their signs well? Discuss these two aspects of their progress with the students.

Sets of cards and group work
Make sets of cards using the template on Worksheet 11.2 and laminate them. Hand out one card per student along with 12 counters. Put the students into groups. One student in each group signs the names of the animals, one after the other. The others place a counter on the picture that matches each sign. The first to finish signs THUMBS-UP! The others respond with FAR-OUT! and applaud (by waving their hands in the air).

Hearing dogs
Ask the students to find out about hearing dogs and discuss with them how they could do this. The information in the introduction will help you to set guidelines for their research. Tell them that they will be designing a poster in class to help others understand more about hearing dogs and where to go for more information.

When the students return to class with information about hearing dogs, facilitate a discussion. Hand out sheets of A3 paper, one per group of three or four students. Ask them to design and complete posters according to guidelines you set. Arrange to display their posters so that others can learn about hearing dogs.

Household pets such as cats and dogs are often informally trained by their Deaf owners to respond to specific commands such as COME, FOOD, and OUTSIDE. Your students could try teaching their pets some commands in NZSL if they have the time, patience, and perseverance needed to teach an animal to respond appropriately.

Clip 11.1a: Animals

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