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Activity 10.3

Activity 10.3

Giving a presentation

The students will give their presentations.

Video recording
Arrange for the presentations to be recorded on video. The video recording will provide you and your students with a record of their achievement at this point in time.

The recording also functions as a learning and evaluation tool, helping your students to critically engage with their own achievement and work out ways in which they can improve. Setting improvement targets helps to identify areas for future focus, both for ‘next steps’ learning and as objectives to be met in the long term.

Seting up the presentation space
Set up the space ready for the presentations. If an audience has been invited, select some students to welcome the people in NZSL as they arrive.

Get the students to give their presentations in turn.

Make sure that they feel well enough prepared so that they enjoy giving them and can feel proud of the skills they have acquired. Some of them may need a script as support. Others may have developed a level of fluency and confidence that lets them perform their role-play without one.

Tell students to round off the presentations by using NZSL to thank and say goodbye to the audience.

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