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Activity 10.2

Activity 10.2

Preparing for assessment

The students will prepare presentations that will demonstrate their achievement of the required competencies.

They will present or perform one or more items. You decide the number of items required.

The performances or presentations can include any of the following.

  • Giving personal information, for example, introductions and talking about the family.
  • Role-plays (the students’ own work).
  • Acting out video language scenarios.

Needs and wants
Find out your students’ preferences and needs. Some students may wish to make up their own role-plays, based on their learning in Units 1–9. Others who are less confident may find it helpful to use the video transcripts of the language scenarios.

For those using videos or scenarios, ask them to vary some of the dialogue or add some extra dialogue from their knowledge of Units 1–9. In this way, all the learners will be encouraged to be creative while receiving the level of support they need.

In the early stages of language learning, having appropriate supports in place to assist students increases their motivation to continue their learning, even for those who find learning a language challenging.

Determine audience
Decide who the audience is to be. Depending on your particular circumstances, you could consider:

  • keeping this a class activity
  • arranging to present/perform to another class also learning NZSL
  • arranging to present to invited parents and community members
  • arranging a visit from the principal or other staff.

Your students may also have suggestions. They may be nervous about performing their role-plays to an audience. Arrange the programme in the way that best suits you and your school’s circumstances.

Choosing a scenario and presenting
Worksheet 10.2 (Further language scenarios) offers different scenarios that the students could choose from. Although some units are specifically mentioned, remind the students that they are free to combine language from other units as they consider appropriate.

The presentations should be around three to four minutes long and involve all the members of the group, with everyone having an equal speaking part.

Give the students time to work on their presentations so that they have the level of confidence they need to be able to present well. Monitor their engagement and give support where needed. For example, you could help them to check back through the units or play relevant scenes and clips.

Find out from the students whether they need any props for their presentations. Arrange for these to be available.

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