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Activity 1.4

Activity 1.4

Assessing progress

The students will assess their own progress, and the progress of others, for each outcome.

Activity Sheet 1.4 Assessing Progress
Hand out copies of the "Activity 1.4: Assessing progress", which is a Unit 1 Achievement checklist. At the simplest level, the achievement checklist criteria assess whether the student can do what is required. Use this model as a template for assessing the achievement of the learning outcomes for other units.

Assessment of each outcome

The students use the Unit 1 Achievement checklist to assess each other, working in pairs. They demonstrate their learning for each outcome and jointly agree on whether it has been achieved.

Where students have not achieved an outcome, encourage them to work with others, using tasks that will help them to achieve it.

Holistic assessment

For a holistic assessment of the students’ communicative competence in NZSL, use "Worksheet 10.1: Unit 10 Assessment criteria" for assessing the curriculum level 1 and 2 achievement objectives. Discuss and confirm the assessment criteria with the students.

Ask the students to compose a dialogue to perform in groups or in front of the class. This way, the students can get additional feedback from others on their communicative competence, based on the levels 1 and 2 assessment criteria. You can also monitor individual performance and plan how to address specific learning needs.

When they have demonstrated their learning to the agreed standard, the students colour in band 1 on their copies of the "Thumbs Up! progress chart". Place these in their portfolios as evidence of their achievement. Follow this pattern in the subsequent units.

In assessing learners’ second-language proficiency, it is important to examine free as well as controlled production.

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Name Class Section
Document Activity sheet 1.4: Assessing progress Worksheet 1
Document Worksheet 10.1 Unit 10 Assessment criteria Worksheet 1
Document Thumbs Up! progress chart Worksheet 1

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