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Activity 1.2

Activity 1.2

Signing the numbers from one to 10

The students will learn to sign the numbers from one to 10.

Show clip 1.1b so your students can view the numbers from one to 10 and practise signing them along with the presenters. Hand out worksheet 1.2 as a reference tool.

Ask the students, working in pairs, to sign a number to each other. The viewer writes down each number as they see it signed, and the signer confirms or corrects it.

Extend this by asking some students to present a sequence of three numbers to the class. The class members write down the numbers as they view them. Then the signers give the correct numbers and check to see how many classmates made correct responses.

Ask the students whether this task was easy for them and why it was or wasn’t. For example, it’s difficult to watch others making signs and practise signing at the same time. Keep showing clip 1.1b so that the students have a good model to follow. Encourage them to make their handshapes carefully so that they learn good habits right from the outset.

Now challenge the students to take turns to count in twos, and to count backwards from 10 through to one. Or they could use other number combinations as they work in pairs to practise their signing.

Then play bingo to further develop their number fluency in NZSL. Ask the students to write down six numerals between one and 10. They work in groups, and one student signs the numbers between one and 10 in a random sequence. The first student to mark off all the numbers is the winner. The other students applaud appropriately (by waving their hands).

Students develop their confidence and competence when they have many opportunities to practise the language they are learning and when others show interest and give feedback on their efforts.

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Clip 1.1b

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